We create the impressions. The impressions change a man. The man changes the world. We change the world.

Time of the impressions

We create shows provoking you to hold your breath from delight. Movies and TV programs, documentaries and game projects, grate-scale events or short videos — if we would have done it, it's will guarantee excitement.
It is not good enough for us to do just well. We have to make it impeccably.
It is not good enough for us to do interesting. Our purpose is to make it sunning stunning.
It is not good enough for us to complete a contract. We aim to conquer the highest levels of the quality.
We are the team of professionals who work for excitement and dignity.
We are the IVORY Films.

Hold your breath for unsurprising experience.

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Some people say that we are the best at it. We say, we were fortunate enough to gather a strong team.
Some people say we are lucky. We say we have superior experience.
Our films are called scandalous. We think they are honest.
Some people consider us venturous. In did. We are venturous.



Interesting, bright, impressive TV shows tailored for any taste. We are the team of professionals who know how to make unsurpassed contest for any kind of audience in variety of genres. On the various themes. We are winning in tough competitive duels in prime time. We create our shows in the record terms. No matter the scale, task, or idea we allays achieve the highest quality.

The secret of our success :

When we've started our own studio, we've had nothing but dreams.

When've we gained the first tender, we've had nothing but dreams and aptitude for implementing it.

When we start something we already know: there is nothing else you really need to implement your dream but the courage. The courage to make the first step. The step towards the dream.


In the very beginning there was the word and this word have being a Scenario. The Scenario from which is breathtaking... The unique story, which have been not yet written. The characters who turn into life. We already made the first step to create new, fresh product for our audience. Series and sitcoms, detectives and dramas. Coming soon at the best possible quality.


You do not need to meet a caw to have a burger. Just trust us.

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Our Mission:

We believe impressions develop a man. We believe the impressions of the good powerful movies and shows make the man better, sympathetic, taking over the characters, happy and astonishing, make him laughing and thoughtful.

The impressions can make you feel calm and peaceful either energetic and strong.
І якщо їх зроблено сумлінно і з думкую про добро — вони змінюють світ. Змінюють на краще.

And what is TV if it is not a factory of impressions?

If you produce it with kindness in your mind — you will change the World for better.

This is our job to produce impressions.