Alexey Yarovenko: The stressful moment I experienced on the Odessa highway during “The Best Husband” shooting

- In the show, your character was in the love triangle center, how comfortable are you personally in this situation?
- I think there are few people who feel comfortable in this situation.  My character Gleb feels very embarrassed, because it is not his whim, it is a forced situation.  If we take into accounts modern trends, he does not play a double game, he is open, honest, perhaps even a bit gullish.  He was not the initiator of this situation, Mila creates this love triangle, but he is extremely honest and wants one woman next to him.  But due to the circumstances, he may make a mistake and choose the wrong girl.  Gleb is not a negative character, because he makes an effort to be with a loved one.
- There is a very interesting moment in the show when the character crashes in his car.  How was this scene filmed?  What did you feel during her?
- Stuntmen are usually shot in such accidents.  But I also had to take part in a difficult scene, however, in another movie, where the girl was pushing me, I fell and broke the glass.  There I filmed without a stuntman.  And in the TV series “The Best Husband” there was also a very difficult psychological moment, which I also want to describe. My character arranges a romantic dinner for his girlfriend on the roof and he is going to pop up the question to her.  A beautiful entourage, the table is set, live music is playing, but she does not come. And Gleb understands that his girlfriend broke up with him, his heart is broken, tears dim his eyes, and then real weather disasters highlighted all emotional experiences - a very strong wind blew and the weather suddenly deteriorated. That enhanced the effect of the tragedy even more.  
- In the TV series, your character gets into an accident. But do you personally drive a car?
- The director joked a lot about my driving experience, he is generally a man with humor sense. I got a driving license in Minsk three years ago, so I’m not really experienced.  But here I had to go to the Odessa highway, there is very heavy traffic, a huge stream of cars, even bigger than I had to see in Minsk.  And after all, drivers do not know we have an intense filming process, they are driving as usual, they do not slow down speed, outpace, move across.  And this, perhaps, was one of the most adrenaline moments during the shooting period.  I admit, I experienced a lot of stress and even was a little scared.  I just recently purchased my own car, and before that I had to drive the car mostly during the shooting. And then I had to experience the whole range of stressful driver’s situations, moreover, my partner and cameraman were in the car with me, I was responsible for their safety.  But, fortunately, everything ended well.
- What is your relationship with the director and TV series colleagues on the shooting?  
- It’s very comfortable to work with Sergey (Sergey Tolkushkin - the series director), he succinctly, in a nutshell, knows how to set a task to an actor. He is a person with a great sense of humour, can cheer up or take the heat off somehow.  Even if there were any difficulties, it was always possible to overcome everything and make it a joke. Everyone on the shooting treated all difficult moments with great optimism, that’s also great.  There was a sense of team cohesion, we interacted as one team.
- Tell us about your character.
- In a nutshell:  The unique position of this character is: he has a military father, but he did not follow in his footsteps and chose another way for himself.  Moreover, this is not even some kind of courageous profession, as his father would like, it’s a designer path.  With the main female character, Nina, they have developed a successful creative tandem and, although their company and family should go through a lot of trials and they overcome everything with great difficulty.  I think that it will be interesting for the audience to follow the ups and downs of the characters’ fate and they will be able to cause sympathy and a desire to empathize.  It is interesting how the character will solve his personal and professional problems that arise almost simultaneously in his life.  I do not know how my character - Gleb - is seen, as a positive or negative, but when I worked on it, I tried to make it as positive as possible.
- And which identity is closer to you - negative or positive character?
- I played both negative and positive characters.  When you start working on some character’s identity, you do not divide it into good or bad. Everyone has negative and positive features, their own motivations.  The main thing that the identities should be outstanding.  Good or bad is not so important, as long as they are prominent, recognizable, not fake. And the viewer could say:  it's my friend, and this situation happened to my neighbour!  And it was interesting to follow the character’s personality developing and his emotional ups and downs.  The task of the actor is to create a vital character, close and understandable to the viewer.
- What identity would you like to play again?
- I am very interested to play now a historical medieval character. He is on a horse with a sword, in armor and furs. Being some viking, to play in a heroic action game, with fights, battles, tricks.
- You were born in Minsk, but now you are actively shooting in Kiev.  Do not plan to move here for permanent residence?
- I have been living in Kiev for two years now.  I really like this city, a very hospitable metropolis with a rich history, but at the same time it is very modern, with great potential, because here TV series and movie industry are developing very actively.  I like to walk on the Andrew’s Descent, Kontraktova Square, Podil.  There are already my favorite places where I come in my rare days off.
- Work on the shooting is a pretty hard work.  How do you recuperate?
- I really love football, and whenever I can, I try to kick a ball, when I'm not actively involved in the shooting process.  Now I play in the starts team of “Maestro” Football Club.  Sport helps to keep fit and dispose of some negative energy.  

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