Hold your breath!

How masterpieces are created? More or less the same way as good people are brought up — with love and through the help of love. You will never create something really significant if the remarkability of such work is its goal in itself. Because the goal must be ambitious.

Probably, that's why they're getting so good! Most of all, what we have been enthralled about, this is a chance to gather such a team.

AZURE DUST AZURE DUST Azure dust (from the name of the radioactive metal… High-profile criminal case High-profile criminal case “High-profile criminal case” reveals all the schemes and… Aerial view Aerial view You do not even imagine how much depends on the angle at… The Zombie-2. Brainwashing The Zombie-2. Brainwashing «The Zombie-2. Brainwashing »demonstrates what key… Mirage Mirage "Mirage" - 4-series action-series. The heroine of… I will find you I will find you The BestHusband The BestHusband "The Best Husband" is an action-packed 4-series… Controller Controller Every week, the Controller will check the specific social… Spectator as a witness Spectator as a witness Detective talk show. Unique project of journalistic… The story of one crime The story of one crime "The History of One Crime". Each release is a new… SWIMMERIX ADVERTISING CLIP SWIMMERIX ADVERTISING CLIP Did you know that the Ukrainian invented a revolutionary… The Incorrigibles The Incorrigibles The Incorrigibles.  Who can solve an intricate… Man wanted Man wanted Man wanted. TV-series with 4 episodes. The core of the…  'GECKO' ADVERTISING CLIP 'GECKO' ADVERTISING CLIP How can you explain a lot in a short screen time, moreover… STAR NIGHT STAR NIGHT The bright hilarious show full of jokes, songs and pranks!…  "THE TV-STAR" ANNUAL TELEVISION AWARD "THE TV-STAR" ANNUAL TELEVISION AWARD This is more then just a TV-show, this a beautiful and… UKRAINE TALKS UKRAINE TALKS The most successful prime-time talk-show in Ukraine. Every…  NATION'S CODE NATION'S CODE Who are Ukrainians? What are the features of perception of…  THE PLANET OF APES THE PLANET OF APES Even though we are going to talk about kids and apes in… THEY ARE COMING THEY ARE COMING This documentary is about funny adventures of several…
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