"Speaks Ukraine": the last chance to get a new face

And the most important thing is that every hero of the program, after the command "Stop!" Deleted! ", Does not feel forgotten, but becomes a part of a big family talk show" Speaks Ukraine "! The life of the heroes of the program can be divided into "before" and "after".

After all, people who have become frustrated with finding solutions to their problems in the other place come to the project and put their last hopes on the miraculous possibilities of television.

On the eve of the Independence Day, on the air of the Ukraine channel, a series of programs with the most resonant stories will be released, where the project team managed to make it impossible. Some of them have already been on air, and now we learn how the heroes live after their stories sounded throughout the country.

One of the stories - about the girl Julia Michalko. Almost two years ago, this program was preparing for the air. Two years ago, Julia and her mother, 15, turned for help on the project. At the age of five, the doctors believed that Julia was anomalous. Only then, the girl moved from one hospital to another, and even the experts put a terrible diagnosis - a tumor of the brain. But later it was established - in Julia neurofibromatosis. The entire right side of the girl's face is affected by a tumor. Since childhood, she does not like to look in the mirror and go outdoors, in social networks she write offensive comments about the appearance.

And recently, the tumor began to grow, there was a serious threat to the health of the girl, because the tumor can spread to the whole body. But she had a chance to change her life when she saw the story of a girl with a similar problem in the show "Says Ukraine". And will the specialists help Julia turn her face and prevent life threatening? Why almost two years ago the program about Yulia was preparing for the ether and how the girl lives now, all this in today's issue "Speaks Ukraine" on the TV channel "Ukraine" at 19.45.
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