"Talking Ukraine": the story of a 13-year-old guy who has to fight for his life

He can not drive football with his peers, just frolic, run, like his peers do. The fact that for the children of his age is natural, for Anton - an unattainable dream. He can not even go outside on his own. He is having a hard time giving ordinary household things: to wash himself, to get dressed ... From the first days of his life he has to go through excruciating medical procedures!

Today, doctors have already given Anton four of the most serious diagnoses, his kidneys work only 10%. Moreover, doctors say that the guy has three months to live.
To sustain this is beyond the power even of an adult, already seasoned by fate, for a man, and for a boy, an unbearable trial. But Anton does not give up! Incredibly strong in spirit - he does not lose hope and does not drop his hands.

In fact, a child, he works from an early age, perseveres and inspires music, gives concerts and dreams of becoming a famous pianist. Therefore, all the earned money Anton postpones on the expensive operation he needs - to transplant the kidneys Anton needs UAH 3,800,000!

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It takes 12 years for his parents to raise this amount. Compare: 12 years and three months that Anton was given to a doctor of life.

Today, June 22, on the air of the channel "Ukraine" at 19:45, watch the story of this incredible boy with echoing hope with good eyes on the talk show of IVORY films - "Speak Ukraine" with Alexey Sukhanov.
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