IVORY Films prepares “The Best Husband “ for TV channel “Ukraine”.

According to the established tradition, on the first day of the filming period a plate was broken, and at eight o’clock in the morning the film crew plunged into work on the film.
The story is based on the love triangle: businessman Gleb, the owner of the company engaged in tailoring uniforms for restaurants and other establishments, is in love with Mila and even is about to propose marriage to her. But he doesn’t even guess at the feelings of his assistant - Nina. Nina knows that her boss is about to marry Mila, but once she sees her in a car with another man... Here’s where it gets really interesting. Women’s guile, intrigues, crime, unexpected storyline turns, passion, betrayal - an incredible bright cocktail that will surely be to viewer’s liking.
‘Our studio produces a large number of TV products in different genres for the TV channel “Ukraine”. One of the directions is the production of TV series. This film is not the first cooperation with the TV channel “Ukraine” in this genre, and it should be noted that this is our second series created in cooperation with the wonderful creative duo of the authors - Maria Bek and Elena Boyko, which we’re supremely glad to, General Producer of the production company IVORY Films, Oleg Rogozha said. - We hope that our TV series will not only be melodramatic, but also thriller, and will appeal to both the female and male audiences.’
On the first day of filming, Sergey Tolkuskin (TV series “Mukhtar”) told about his expectations from this work:
“A very good actor ensemble has been selected, I’m sure these names will soon rise to stardom, just after a while they will be very popular. One more thing: it’s not just a melodrama, but an action melodrama. Consequently, it’s interesting to watch for men, too. There are fights, and even knifing... Soon we will start filming a very spectacular car accident, where we will break the car, the stunt man will take off into the air, and the car will turn over a few times. It will be very impressive — with scattering fragments, a cloud of dust and other effects. There are also interesting scenes with dogs, so there will be a cynologist and specially trained animals at our film set. We have a very tight filming schedule. We promise that it will be interesting.’
Alexey Yarovenko, Elena Shylova, Ksenia Mishyna, Dmitry Tulboltsev, Irina Mak, Nikolay Boklan, Maria Khomutova, Pavel Tupikov and others appear in the series. The première of the action melodrama “The Best Husband” will be shown on TV channel “Ukraine” this year.
IVORY Films prepares “The Best Husband “ for TV channel “Ukraine”. Filming of the eight-series action melodrama “The Best Husband” started in Kyiv. The production company IVORY Films works on the series on the order of the TV channel “Ukraine”. MORE
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