“Ukraine Speaks”: a forgotten relative from Slovakia

When I was 17, Larysa took all my documents and forced me to prostitute,” Oksana says.  - She beat me when I refused to work, forbade me to communicate with my father and God forbid, if she knew that I told him the truth.  I spent four years in this hell.”  She got out of the sexual slavery with the help of Ukrainian, Yuri, it was he who called the police into the house of Larysa.  “When my father learned how his friend treated me, he got mad and said that he would burn her house down,” Oksana recalls, “but he did nothing.”
It would seem that after this, the things in her life started turning around, she opened her advertising company, met her beloved person, but the happiness was short-lived.  After some time, her man got into jail, and she found out that she had very serious health problems.  Oksana felt so lonely in a foreign country that she decided, after almost ten years, to seek help from the project “Ukraine Speaks” with Oleksiy Sukhanov so that journalists could help her find relatives in her homeland.
“This was one of the most complex programs of this format,” the editor-in-chief Anna Pastukh confessed.  - Firstly, because Oksana does not remember the names of relatives very well, many memories have eventually been erased from her memory.  Our group even initially went along the wrong track.  And, secondly, emotional stress has reached the level that our experts, who have already seen a lot of such stories, at the end of this program were just shocked by the unexpected outcome.”
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