IVORYfilms removes horror

This is the second part of The Brainwashed produced by IVORY Films and commissioned by TV channel “Ukraine”. It will be premièred on October 14. The creative team consists of documentalists Illarion Pavlyuk, Volodymyr Rybas and Oleg Rogozha engaged in the first part.

The authors managed to demonstrate the methods and mechanisms of zombification in the first part: how an absolutely normal person can say that a black ball is white as a result of influence on his/her consciousness, how media brainwash the viewers, and what methods of influence on thinking are used. The second part of the cycle will demonstrate what level of violence a person can reach under the influence of manipulation. The authors could investigate the reasons for which most people are prone to manipulation and achieve unexpected, stunning results.

“The film is based on one of the most controversial experiments in social psychology — the experiment made by Stanley Milgram, professor at the Yale University, says the project author Illarion Pavlyuk. In 1963, Stanley Milgram decided to prove that the phenomenon of Nazi Germany was a problem not only of a specific nation. His experiment showed that any person, regardless of nationality, intellectual level and social origin, could manifest the excessive cruelty under the pressure of an authoritative person. Milgram checked whether a person could behave in a cruel way for a scientific purpose and being instructed by a person in a white coat. Namely: his subjects tortured others with an electric current as if stimulating their memory.

Psychologist, doctor of medicine Oleg Chaban played a role of an authoritative specialist, who asked to continue the experiment, despite the painful reaction of the person who was subject to the action, says Illarion Pavlyuk. Our task was not to conduct a sociological study, we wanted to find out what exactly drove people, as well as to derive the formula, a powerful instrument that would enable a person to resist these manipulations. We got it. I am sure that everyone who has undergone the experiment got the most powerful knowledge against manipulations.  
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IVORYfilms removes horror Illarion Pavlyuk: “If the documentaries like the feature films are divided into genres, we would call this project a horror film”
The documentary horror film, as it is called by the authors, is being shot in Kyiv.